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We cover MAFSI region 17 for these manufacturers(except where noted).

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Walk-In Coolers & Freezers.

BK Resources

Stainless Steel Tables, Sinks, and Underbar Equipment, Casters, and Plumbing Fixtures. Illinois

Single Burner | Double Burner Plus

Inventor and Manufacturer of Hand Held Mixers, Salad Spinners and Food Cutters.

Professional vacuum packaging machines for food packing, food storage and sous vide cooking.

Blast Chilling, Shock Freezing, Holding Cabinets.

Ovens, Proofers, Retarders.

Mibrasa. The Masters of Fire.

Milk Coolers, Kiosks, and Serving Lines

Engineered Rack Systems.

Winston. The Taste of Innovation.

CVAP Holding Cabinets, Cook & Hold, Thermalizers

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