Frequently Asked Questions

 01  Can I see the equipment, or get a demo?

Yes.  Our conveniently located test kitchen is 20 minutes from Chicago, O'Hare, and Schaumburg.  Contact us to schedule a visit.  630-799-8185.


 02  Can I buy direct?

The least expensive way for manufacturers to go to market is through food service contractors/dealers.  It may seem counter-intuitive, but dealers add value by keeping costs lower.   



 03  I'm confused, why am I working with you?

Manufacturers outsource their sales function to companies like us, to keep costs low.  We help by giving expert advice on what equipment is best, how to improve operations, how to improve ROI, where to buy, and more.  


 04  Can you give me a price?

Sure, we can usually give you a budget price, but the exact price comes from your dealer.




 05  I love your name, PB&J.  How did you get the name?

We wanted to be like other companies that use initials like IBM and P&G.   OK.... it's just the initials of the founders!